ACE logoDelighted to announce that we’ve secured funding from the Arts Council and from Kingston University for our next project.  CAREFUL explores ideas about care and empathy, through the figure of the nurse – nurses, after all, are experts and artists of caregiving and are a resonant symbol for how the (feminine?) concepts of care, kindness, compassion are valued (or not) in the wider social sphere.

We’re drawing on a rich pool of expertise: staff and students in the Nursing department at Kingston University/St. George’s hospital are filling us in on the craft and experiences of nursing today – and giving us access to their simulated hospital ward, where the first show will take place. Also on board is nurse historian, Susan Hawkins, who is enriching our explorations with insights into how cultural constructions of the nurse continue to determine how nursing is understood and performed today.




Today, Alex is with medical/pathology students at Imperial College – they are taking courses in medical humanities and death, autopsy and the law.  Astonished by the thoughtful and creative artworks that the students are presenting, all based on testimony from the Alder Hay organ retention scandal.  We’re at Charing Cross Hospital – where Milton was diagnosed and treated, 11 years ago – so returning here to talk about bloodlines is somewhat emotional.


transplant three ways

Alex, Milton and Bex feature as part of ‘Cancer Week’ at Guys & St. Thomas’ Hospital.

Using clips of bloodlines, we offer three perspectives on the experience of stem cell transplant: the patient’s (Milton), the donor’s (Alex) and the doctor’s (Bex).  Wonderful students, asking thought-provoking questions.  Big thanks to the Clod Ensemble for putting us up for this.



booking it!

Celebrating the launch of Performance and the Medical Body, which Alex co-edited with the marvellous Gianna Bouchard. A lovely ‘do’ hosted by Anglia Ruskin and followed by a performance of bloodlines at the Mumford Theatre.

The book consolidates many of the strands explored by the Chimera network – and features chapters by scholars and artists associated with Chimera activities.

Cafe Scientique

Alex presenting at Woking’s Cafe Scientique, on bloodlines.  This involves the rather daunting task of standing at the bar in Cellar Magneval and talking to a whole room of punters.  Many beautiful – and a couple of challenging – questions and responses – and a well deserved glass of red!  Big thanks to Chris Bore for inviting me.