Chimera:  (myth) a fabulous beast with parts taken from various animals. (biol) an organism containing genetically different tissues for example a transplant recipient


Chimera is a research network and a performance company which creates engrossing artworks that dissect the complex relationship that we have with the medical domain – in both sickness and health. Our public engagement, research and educational events seek to inspire significant insights into how performance and medicine intersect, and how they extend our understanding of what it means to be human. Chimera is led by Alex Mermikides and draws on her interest in performance and medicine (publications include Performance and the Medical Body co-edited with Gianna Bouchard and Performance, Medicine and the Human) and that of co-founder, Milton Mermikides, on science-engaged musical composition.

Please see Research Context for more on the theoretical underpinning of the project.

Our first project, Bloodlines (2014-2016) explores experiences of leukaemia patients and bone marrow donors. Our current project, Careful (2016) is being developed in collaboration with the Nursing department of Kingston/St.Georges. We are also supporting the development of creative practice in this field through public events and workshops and our Resources for Practitioners. And we are looking to further research into science and arts collaborations through events, publications and our Resources for Researchers.

The Chimera Network was founded with support of the AHRC ‘Science in Culture’ Research Network Award [AH/K003518/1] from January 2013 – March 2014.

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