Hidden Music

Hidden Music is a collection of electronic works (including 6,000 word liner notes) by Milton Mermikides using compositional systems to translate physical phenomena of the biological world into complex mesmeric soundscapes. Source material include the DNA, colour and shape of microbacterial colonies, the population of blood cells during leukaemia treatment, the shape of the coronal suture of the human skull, tree-rings, MRI scans of the human brain and the passage of molecules through the cell membrane.

Released: October 2011 n01z

The resulting output is disseminated in conference papers, at jazz, musicological, arts/science and haemotology conferences, and the music used in commercial TV and Films scores and sound installations in London (Royal College of Surgeons, Science Museum, York Gallery Royal Academy of Music, European Brain), Guildford (Lewis Elton Gallery, Surrey Science Circus, Dance symposium), Oxford (Ruskin Gallery), Kingston (Rose Theatre), and Antwerp, Belgium (Art Researches Science) with fellow speaker Professor Martin Kemp (Oxford).

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