Bloodlines in Fabrica Vitae touring exhibition

We are very pleased to announce that a film version of Bloodlines will be featured in the Fabrica Vitae touring exhibition.

Vesalius_Fabrica_fronticepiece_detailFabrica Vitae is inspired by Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564) and explores art and anatomy through the work of contemporary artists, scientists and thinkers. It will feature work from artists and scientists who are working together to re-imagine and extend the understanding of the human body.

The first exhibition will take place in Zakynthos, Greece in May 2014. More locations will be announced shortly.
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Artists Talk Anatomy

Chimera PI, Alex, chairs a discussion at the Clod Ensemble and Wales Millennium Centre’s Anatomy Season.  The speakers are performance artist Kira O’Reilly, Liam Jarvis (co-director of Analogue Theatre) and anatomy artist Eleanor Crook.  These artists’ work and practice variously explore the often uncanny and surprising effect of exposing the bodily interior spaces, raising questions about our sense of personhood and what it means for a body to be subjected to the medical gaze.  These themes resonate too with the performance of Clod Ensemble’s Anatomie in Four Quarters, also playing at the Millennium Centre.


Bloodlines at the Rose Theatre

We present Bloodlines at the Rose Theatre in Kingston as part of the Practice Research Unit based at Kingston University (what we’ve been researching through our practice are collaborative and composition strategies that might be employed the creation of science-engaged interdisciplinary performance).   The performance seems to go down well. In the post-show discussion composer Milton Mermikides and director Alex Mermikides take questions on the autobiographical basis of the project, Dr Bex Law talks about how the project draws on her medical training and experience and the choreographers-dancers (Caroline Lofthouse, Adam Kirkham and Viv Rocha) describe different approaches to the biomedical data. Film of the post-show available on request ( Bloodlines-flyer