two upcoming performances

Bloodlines is a Festival Highlight at this year’s Kingston Connections, Festival of Stories at the Rose Theatre. Book now for the evening performance at 7.3opm on 23rd June or (if relevant) a closed schools/colleges performance at 12.30pm that afternoon. The afternoon show has a special focus on teenage cancer (leukaemia and lymphoma are among the most common cancers in teenagers).

A week later we’re at the Ivy Centre in Guildford as part of an event exploring connections between patients, donors, medical staff and artists in blood cancer and stem cell transplant: Ivy Flyer A3

Alex at the University of Kent

Many thanks to the University of Kent and the Beacon Institute for inviting Alex Mermikides and Dr Gianna Bouchard to speak about Biomedical Performance and Science, along with Dr Simon Parry (University of Manchester). Gianna and Alex reflected on contemporary performance that engages with the medical in different ways and welcomed some interesting – and challenging – questions on affect, aesthetics, ethics – and Hollywood film. Beacon logo ribbon