Careful – workshops


Chimera has developed a series of drama-based workshops for nursing students and professionals. Led by the creative team behind Careful, these adapt exercises from the world of theatre and dance to support non-technical (but very important) skills demanded by healthcare environments.  The following workshops form part of the core curriculum for BSc Adult nurses at Kingston University, but can be adapted for different year groups and for professionals. Additional bespoke workshops can be developed on request.

The Art of Communication: understanding how our non-verbal body language can help nurses build trust with patients and how bodily awareness can help them manage their own emotional resilience.

Drama out of a Crisis: competitive games to help develop teamwork and our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to pressured situations.

The Voice at the Back: the ability of ‘speak up’ is vital to our self-confidence, effectiveness and leadership, so learning to use your voice can be empowering.