Alex Mermikides (Drama, Kingston University) Project Investigator Alex’s focus is on the intersections of performance and science, particularly in regard to devised performance created in collaboration with scientists. She is exploring this practically through the creation of Bloodlines. She is also investigating the practice of a number of British devising companies working in collaboration with scientists, particularly those whose work foregrounds the sonic aspects of performance in their representation of scientific subjects.

Milton Mermikides (Music, University of Surrey) Co-Investigator Milton’s focus in on the intersections of sound composition and science, with a special interest in data-sonification techniques. His practical explorations include the soundscape he is creating for Bloodlines and his Hidden Music project.

Associates: Dept of Haematology at Hammersmith Hospital, Dept of Haematology at Antwerp University Hospital, Biomab, Fuel Theatre, Andy Lavender (University of Surrey), Jamie Wilson (Nature Immunology), the Anthony Nolan Trust.



Andy Jordon (Performance Arts, Lincoln School of Performing Arts)

Shaun May (Drama, University of Kent)

Kirsten Shepherd-Barr (English, Oxford University)

Emma Weitkamp (Science Communication, University of West England)

Gianna Bouchard (Drama, Anglia Ruskin)

Nichola Shaughnessy (Drama, University of Kent)


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