the productive ward

We’re migrant this week – but still manage to attack the show from different angles.

Bex (our doctor/dramaturgy), Phil (our former nurse/performer) and I put our heads together for a dramaturgy meeting in Hampstead Theatre, discussing some of the articles we’ve been reading (many from the journal of nursing philosophy) and crunching big questions about what the show is about.

Adam joins us for rehearsal at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (thanks Gareth White for use of space). Here’s a little snippet of the choreography he created: a short sequence based on nursing routines (unwrapping a swab pack, washing hands). The performers are Archana Balal, Helena Rice and Thalia-Marie Papadopoulos. Shoddy camerawork by me (apologies)

And I kick-start work on some of the interactive stuff in the dance spaces at Kingston University.


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