Performing Science

Please put the Performing Science conference in  your diaries: 23rd – 25th April at the University of Lincoln.  Alex (Chimera’s PI) has been helping conference organiser, Andy Jordan, with the programming – and I can reveal that there is an amazing line-up, including special events, performances, workshops and presentations.  I’m particularly excited that playwright MICHAEL FRAYN will be there – his play Cooutsideenhagen is a major landmark in the emergence of more alternative forms of science plays.  We also have CARL DJERASSI, the father of the contraceptive pill and probably the most prolific writer of and about theatre and science.  His latest production will be launched at the conference.  Presentations spread the gamet from the history of ‘traditional’ science plays to post-dramatic/post-human engagements with, for example, bioscience and the latest developments at CERN. We’re bringing Bloodlines to the event (Thursday 6.30pm), and Alex is chairing a panel on performance and the biomedical.

You can get a booking form by emailing: and get more information from Andy on


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